I am the author of Ularn, "Ultra-Larn". Ularn is based on the game Larn, as written by Noah Morgan, and distributed to the net in 1987. Much of the code is unchanged, and thus the similarities between the two games is strong. Ularn, however, requires an entirely new strategy to win.

Ularn was updated with mods for Solaris support in 1997 by Ethan Dicks.

The current version of Ularn is maintained by Josh Brandt at http://www.ularn.org.

The version you may download below is current as of 1997. For the latest, use the link above.

Features of the game over and above the original Larn are:

It's basically a lot harder to win. If you're not familiar with larn, well, it's basically another 'hack/rogue/omega' style bash and slash dungeon game. I like it better than any of the above, though. Use the standard 'rogue keys' to move around the screen.

You can get the 1997 version of Ularn here.


I no longer actively maintain Ularn. Check out http://www.ularn.org for the latest and greatest version of the game.

Specific spoilers on new stuff are below:

Lance of death & strategy

In Larn, the basic strategy was to get enough money to buy a Lance of Death, usually by getting to dungeon level 10, killing or getting around the demon lord, and getting and then selling the Eye of Larn. This would usually get you enough money to buy the Lance from the dnd store. You could then go into the volcano and kill everything in sight with one hit from the Lance.

Well, the Lance is still deadly to all monsters. Demons, on the other hand, are merely tickled. And there are a LOT more demons (and relatives) in Ularn than in Larn.

Dungeon and Volcano levels

There are now 15 levels to the Dungeon, and 5 to the Volcano. Larn had 10 and 3.

Levels 11 - 15 of the dungeon contain, in addition to all the other nasty monsters that show up at low levels:

level 11: 1 demonlord
level 12: 2 demonlords
level 13: 3 demonlords
level 14: 4 demonlords
level 15: 5 demonlords + 1 demonprince guarding the Eye of Larn.
Levels 1 - 5 of the Volcano contain:
level 1: 1 demonprince
level 2: 2 demonprinces
level 3: 3 demonprinces
level 4: 4 demonprinces
level 5: 5 demonprinces + 1 God of Hellfire guarding the potion of cure dianthroritis.

In addition, there are no stairs from level 3 to 4, or from 4 to 5. The only way to go down is via a pit or trap door. There is guanteed at least 1 bottomless pit and bottomless trap door on level 5. The rock on levels 3, 4, and 5 cannot be destroyed via a vaporize rock spell, or in any other way.

Magic Items There is 1 of each of the following magic items in the game:

Eye of Larn

The Eye now has a very benificial magic property. If you are carrying the Eye, demonlords, demon princes, and the God of Hellfire are visible to you. Otherwise, they are invisible. They will show as follows:
Character on screen 
Type I Demon Lord
Type II DemonLord
Type III DemonLord
Type IV DemonLord
V DemonLord
VI DemonLord
VII DemonLord
Demon Prince
God of Hellfire

Sword of Slashing

The sword of slashing is quite strong and light, and is impervious to rust.

Bessman's Flailing Hammer

The Hammer is the strongest weapon in the game (excluding the lance of death). It lowers your intelligence by 10, but raises your dexterity and strength by 10.

Orb of Enlightenment

Carrying the Orb gives permanent expanded awareness.

Orb of Dragon Slaying

Causes attacks against dragons to be much more effective.

Scarab of Negate Spirit

Spirit Nagas and Poltergiests damage is halved if you have the scarab of negate spirit.

Amulet of Invisibility

Causes the 'inv' spell to last much longer.

Cube of Undead Control

Vampires, Wraiths, and Zombies damage is halved you have the cube of undead control. In addition, they can perform no special attacks upon you, like draining your experience level.

Device of Theft Prevention

If you have this, Nymphs and Disenchantresses cannot steal anything from you.

Brass Lamp

A genie lives in the brass lamp. If you are lucky, by rubbing the lamp, the genie will grant you a spell. Be warned though, the genie does not usually like to be disturbed, and may react unpleasantly. If the genie disappears (along with the lamp) without granting you a wish, it is still possible to find him again. But if you are granted a wish, the genie will not wish to be disturbed again (you only get one wish).

Hand of Fear

Causes the scare monster spell to last much longer.

Talisman of the Sphere

Normally, demons can dispel spheres of annihilation, disenchantresses can cancel them, and if you have the spell 'cancel' cast, that may cancel the sphere too. You can also die by touching the sphere.

Carrying the talisman revokes all of the above

Wand of Wonder

You will not fall down any pits or trap doors if you are carrying the wand of wonder.

Staff of Power

Carrying the staff of power will cancel any attack by a demonlord, demonprince, wraith, or vampire 75% of the time.


Demonlords and demonprinces attacks are halved if you are carrying the sword Slayer. Slayer essentially acts as a lance of death, but only against demons. It is otherwise a good strong weapon against other monsters. You will only find Slayer somewere below dungeon level 10, or in the volcano.

Elven Chain

Strong and light, impervious to rust.

New spell

I've added a 'make wall' spell, that creates a wall in the place you specify. The code is 'mkw'.


Watch out for express elevators. They can be good or bad, depending on which direction they go (up or down).

Time limit

The time limit for solving the game has been increased from 300 mobuls to 400 mobuls.

Dealer McDope's

On request from several unsavory types at UC Santa Cruz, I added Dealer McDope's Pad. He will show up usually somewhere in the lower level of the dungeon. Visiting Dealer McDope's will offer you the chance to buy such interesting and stimulating items as: You "use" a drug by dropping it, and then moving on top of it.

Drugs have varied effects. They can be fun, but are generally not worth the trouble.


EXAMPLE ".Ularnopts" file

/* begin example .Ularnopts file */
name: "Satyr"
savefile: /u/philc/SAVEFILE
monster: "annoying thing"
monster: "barfhead"
monster: "egghead"
monster: "freak"
monster: "geek"
monster: "heartburn"
monster: "icky" 
monster: "jerk"
monster: "klutz"
monster: "lush"
monster: "moron"
monster: "nerd"
monster: "old fart"
monster: "rugrat"
monster: "tweak case"
monster: "ugghh"
monster: "vermin"
monster: "whitey"
monster: "xenoid"
monster: "yuchh"
monster: "zetoid"
monster: "Ack!"
monster: "Hippy"
monster: "Jackass"
monster: "Kop"
monster: "Dipshit"
/* end example .Ularnopts file */


Lots. Don't bother sending bug reports. Instead, go to http://www.ularn.org