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« Cordier by InVivo contributes to building a sustainable wine sector with its partner wine cooperatives and participates in the success French wine exports around the world.  »

Our organisation

Organisation - Cordier By InVivo

Our values
& identity

Our mission aligns with the commitment of the “Vignerons Engages” charter (sustainable grape growing).
As a major player in the French wine industry, we strive through each of our brands to design products with a positive social impact at every step of the manufacturing process, from grape growing to consumption. To push innovation forward, we cooperate with our partners, both upstream and downstream, to increase the value of goods and services within the agrosystem while serving producers and consumers.

Cordier by InVivo

Our identity

Builder Of strong brands
Integrated distributor

Cordier by InVivo

our raison d’être

Cultivating a sustainable wine sector
that inspires today’s generation
and those of the future

Cordier by InVivo

our values


Cordier by InVivo

Cordier – Subsidiary of the InVivo cooperative structure

InVivo, a national union of French agricultural cooperatives, federates 192 cooperative firms that together represent over half of French farmers. It organises its operations into 3 categories: agriculture, gardening and food distribution, and wine. The InVivo Group became a mission-based organisation in October 2020.
The group aims to foster food and agriculture’s transition into a resilient agrosystem by introducing innovative and responsible products and solutions that integrate the principles of regenerative agriculture and serve both farmers and consumers.
Through its actions, InVivo defends and promotes the values and mission of its members.
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Cordier by InVivo

billion turnover



Our team

Timothée Angliviel
Sales Director
Sabine Arandel
Sébastien Bertin
Sales Director (Mass retail) Europe
Frédéric Cossais
Brett Fleming
Managing Director
Armit Wines

Dominique Gurria
Site Director
Cordier Excel Cubzac

Bruno Kessler
Chief winemaker
Philippe LEVEAU - Cordier by InVivo
Philippe Leveau
Deputy CEO

François Mateo
Managing Director
Cordier Asia

Georges Moneger
Managing Director Cordier Diffusion – Legal & Union

Henri Berrocal

Henri Berrocal
Operations Manager
Cordier Excel Uccoar

Stéphane Quintin
Chris Rabie
CEO Cordier South Africa
Nicolas Gornes

Nicolas Gornes
Director Bulk Wines
Cordier Excel Sudvin

Benoit Roussillon
Managing Director
Cordier USA

Portrait_Phillipe Garcia

Philippe Garcia
Operations Manager
Cordier Excel Trilles

José Olde Olthof
Managing Director
Cordier Diffusion

Our locations

Cordier operates in 11 countries. Click on each area for details about our activities.
Caves coopératives - Cordier by InVivo

Cordier by InVivo and its partner wine cooperatives

« Cordier by InVivo contributes to building a sustainable wine sector with its partner wine cooperatives and participates in the success of French wine exports around the world.  »

With its 9 cooperative member wineries under the InVivo Union’s wine division, InVivo Wine benefits from a stable and reliable wine-growing base, thereby securing the supply chain and bringing together producers to imagine the vineyard of the future. Located in different wine-making regions (Bordeaux, the South-West, Languedoc, Beaujolais), these members represent roughly 3,600 winegrowers and 25,000 hectares in production.

Key dates

Creation of Invivo Wine – Acquisition of
Stake acquired in Vinadeis
Baarsma acquisition (Armit Wines, Hasselt Millésime, Rutishauser, OR&B) > International expansion
Controlling stake acquired in the Asia and US distribution subsidiaries
New team & organisation
Café de Paris acquisition


Merger with Vinadeis