At the InVivo Group, all our employees share an ethos based on cooperative values. Entrepreneurship, solidarity and respect provide the foundation for our rich and diverse human relations. Our structures constantly evolve and renew to enable each and every person to flourish and find his or her own voice along the way. Our individual and collective strengths unite to serve the ambitions of our consumers, our customers, our suppliers, our winegrowers and cooperative members, and our employees.

Our human resources strategy extends to our employees all over world. In line with its never-ending pursuit of fair treatment, the company values diversity of employees’ backgrounds and talents. We strive to develop capacities and recognise contributions.
Joining our group opens the door to a different way of designing our common future:
– Transform tomorrow’s world
– Immerse yourself in innovation
– Nourish your potential

Carrières -  Cordier by InVivo

If you recognise yourself in this environment, if you desire to belong to a team working to make an impact, if your ambitions challenge the status quo, contact us to explore all opportunities for collaboration: