FOLIZ is a drink for wine lovers seeking a beer moment. It perfectly illustrates the meeting between the two worlds. And it’s official, the whole range will be available at METRO starting in May!


How many Foliz in the current range?


Today, Foliz is available in three versions. The first one is a blond, reminding the bitterness sought after in traditional beer tasting without obliterating the finesse of the Café de Paris sparkling wine that is used as a base.

The second is a rosé, fine in the mouth with delicate aromas of red fruits, with a pronounced note of cherry that is not without reminding the cherry beers.

And finally, the third is a white, very light with notes of citrus and white flowers. All three versions are very accessible, both by beer lovers and wine fans!


How are Foliz made?


Foliz is simple and at the same time very technical. Originally, Café de Paris is a brand of sparkling wine. This wine is the basis of our drinks.

Then comes the technique. The moment when the world of beer comes together with the world of wine. To put it simply: the sparkling wine base is flavored with hop flowers.

The challenge of this process is to find the right balance! For our rosé and white versions, other aromas are added to make the creation more complex: cherry and elderflower aromas.


Where to buy Foliz?


Since May 2022, Foliz by Café de Paris are available at METRO! Contact your local stores to see if they are available. And if you want to test before ordering, there will be events in many stores in France. We will communicate the dates on our social networks, so don’t hesitate to follow Café de Paris on Instagram.


The Foliz, a drink stamped Café de Paris.


Since 1898, Café de Paris has embodied French conviviality, never better carried than by the Paris of the Belle Époque. Paris and its thousand-faceted café life are the sources of inspiration for the brand, which today offers a range of products with a lively and refreshing taste. Deliciously thirst-quenching beverages that unabashedly combine the French art of living with the impertinence of unexpected tasting.

Known for its sparkling wines, present in supermarkets and in Cafés-Hotels-Restaurants, the brand wishes to maintain its growth dynamic and continue to conquer new consumers, develop its market share and its referencing with professionals in the sector.