Cruz del Castillo

An astonishing diversity in climate, terroir and grape varieties combined with the expertise and craftsmanship of renowned winemakers, make Spain one of the world’s best-loved wine countries. Eager to select the very best Spanish wines, our chief winemaker Bruno Kessler started a very special quest visiting the country’s most extraordinary wine regions and their local winemakers.

The result is the rise of a contemporary and truly unique brand, reflecting the diversity and quality of Spanish wines within all its ranges: Cruz del Castillo.

Cruz del Castillo offers a range with 6 different series; Los Patos, El Aritza, Cruz del Castillo, Con Ella, Luna Verde and Vina Xalbador Cava. We selected wines from the Rioja, Rueda, Rias Baixas, D.O. Valencia and Penedès.

Join us on our journey and be inspired! Salud.