Wines inspired by Nature.

The Mediterranean arc is an ocean of sun-drenched vines in the south of France, where the atmosphere is unique. It is in this wild setting where MARIS wines are made from organic grapes grown in an environment that promotes biodiversity and sustainability.

At Maris, the matter is crystal clear: we work with nature, we follow it as much as we guide it. And nature gives it back to us. Our method is to take time. The time to do it right.


Climate change is a decisive factor for the wine industry. In an effort to continuously preserve nature, we wanted the winery to consume as little energy as possible, all while maintaining its practical aspect. We therefore opted for hemp, renowned for its natural insulation. This breathable material drastically reduces our carbon footprint and is perfectly suited to today’s environmental challenges.

It took eight years to build this 9,000-m2 100% plant-based cellar, which is completely biodegradable, self-sufficient in energy and carbon negative. A world first.

Maris -  Cordier by InVivo
Maris -  Cordier by InVivo