Brise de France

At the bend of an alley, between two buildings, the wind blows and moves from terrace to terrace.  It carries the scents of grapes, garrigue and shellfish, awakening the taste buds and smell of the most gourmands and bringing nature closer to the French who are the furthest away. These winds, which constantly sweep across our country, carry the values of our wines, inspiring conviviality, sharing, elegance and authenticity. It is therefore thanks to the winds of France and to remind us of the close relationship that exists between vines and winds that Brise de France was born.

Indeed, present as soon as the first grapes appear, the wind plays an important role in the development of the grapes. By drying and ventilating the vines, the wind acts as a moisture regulator and protects them against frost and certain diseases. This role of drying the vines also gives the wind great importance in the high sugar concentration of the grapes it caresses. The Breeze of France therefore gives the rhythm of life to our vineyards and all their typicity to our grape varieties.

Cordier By InVivo