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Created in June 2015, Cordier by InVivo is a subsidiary of France’s leading agricultural cooperative, InVivo.

With expertise in sourcing and winemaking,
Cordier by InVivo is a major player in the upstream and downstream sectors of the wine industry, backed by 9 partner cooperative wineries (3,600 winegrowers), a dedicated integrated distribution network in high-consumption countries and its own bottling sites.

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Our commitments & our ambition

Our mission is to cultivate a wine sector with a genuine commitment to sustainability

«Our ambition: to build a sustainable wine sector with our partner wine cooperatives and participate in the success of French wines around the world.  » Philippe Leveau Deputy CEO of Cordier by InVivo  

To reach this goal and become a industry leader, in line with the international market, Cordier by InVivo will have to meet three key challenges :

  • Build strong and appealing brands that respond to consumer expectations,
  • Offer an enhanced serviced based on innovation and securing the supply chain in order to support the transformation of the wine sector.
  • Manage multi-channel and multi-country distribution;
Grands Crus Mestrezat - Cordier by InVivo

Our grand cru business

Grands Crus Mestrezat - Cordier by InVivo

Our locations

Cordier operates in 11 countries. Click on each area for details about our activities.

Our mission is to cultivate a sustainable wine sector that inspires today’s generation and those of the future.