Tired of the complex codes of wine, Les Petits Carreaux offers a simple alternative with wines that will make you smile.

Les Petits Carreaux in a few words

The brand Les Petits Carreaux was born from the common passion of Cordier’s oenologists
for all French terroirs.

Their objective is to select the best grapes and blend them to produce wines
under a single distinctive quality label: les petits carreaux.

Whether you find them on the napkin of our Cuvée ” La Gambas Poêlée ” or on the scarf of our Cuvée
“Le Poulet Gratiné”, these patterns will ensure you enjoy delicious wines at low prices.

A vector of conviviality and happiness, Les Petits Carreaux is a range of easy-to-drink wines that will take you into its guinguette universe and give meaning to those who surround us during these moments of tasting.

Les Petits Carreaux, the good wines between friends!

It is essential to have fun in life!

Les Petits Carreaux

Les Petits Carreaux

Le Poulet Gratiné

Les Petits Carreaux

Le Boeuf Bardé

Les Petits Carreaux

La Sardine Chauvine

Les Petits Carreaux

Le Gambas Poêlée

Les Petits Carreaux

La Daurade Peinarde