Café de Paris announces the launch of Wine Seltzers

Feb 3, 2021

The brand is constantly innovating and has decided to offer an alternative to drinks consumed during spontaneous aperitifs. A new product that aims to gain a good share of the market in the shelves and in the on-trade: Wine Seltzers.

During a webinar organised on 25 February, Philippe Leveau, Managing Director of Cordier by Invivo, accompanied by Bruno Kessler, Chief Winemaker and creator of the Wine Seltzer, shared some very interesting perspectives on this product launch in France and abroad.

Watch the webinar here: 

A new product from the USA, coming to France

Wine Seltzers and Hard Seltzers are today enjoying robust sales in the United States, where in 2019 they represented 2.5% of the total alcoholic beverage market (source: IWSR). These low-alcohol, low-calorie drinks have quickly become a consumer favourite thanks to their refreshing character and ready-to-drink format. 

French-style Wine Seltzers

Café de Paris, already present in the spontaneous aperitif segment with its range of sparkling wines, is expanding its offer with Wine Seltzers.

“We are the first to offer Wine Seltzers in France, a know-how that is specific to our DNA as a wine producer and more interesting than Hard Seltzers in terms of taste,” says Bruno Kessler, chief winemaker at InVivo Wine, who created the recipes.

The result is a pleasant product, well balanced between the subtlety of the aromas and the liveliness of the bubbles, available in three flavours: peach, elderflower and cherry.

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