Cordier by InVivo merges with Vinadeis and reaffirms its ambition: €500 million turnover in 2025

Apr 1, 2021

In 2014, Thierry Blandinières’ arrival at the head of the InVivo Group coincided with the launch of an ambitious strategic project: “2025 by InVivo”. Among its objectives were to find new opportunities for French-made products and to support their marketing. One year later, InVivo made a remarkable entry into the wine business with the creation of InVivo Wine, now known as Cordier by InVivo.
Already heavily structured by Vinadeis, InVivo Wine sought to emerge as a cooperative leader in the export market. Cordier by InVivo’s acquisition of a majority stake in France’s leading wine cooperative group solidifies this ambition, thereby enabling Cordier by InVivo to join the top three French wine operators.

« We share with Vinadeis the same economic ambitions and the same values. I am particularly happy today to finalise our merger in order to pursue our development strategy in the best conditions. Our desire is to promote French wine internationally; we have given ourselves the means to do so by combining our production tools and our commercial distribution channels and by further increasing the strength of the brands represented by our two entities. Our goal, after the current economic crisis is behind us, is to achieve €500 million turnover by 2025. » says Thierry Blandinières, CEO of InVivo Group and Cordier by InVivo.

Cordier by InVivo is positioned as a producer of great tasting wines, with the development of numerous projects and innovations led by flagship brands including Café de Paris, Maris, Canei, Lyngrove and Cordier Collection Privée, and now Mythique, Bonne Nouvelle and Le Val. The new group includes four industrial sites and two sites dedicated to bulk wine, nine cooperative wineries, 32 Domaines and Châteaux and nearly 600 employees.

Philippe Leveau, Deputy CEO of Cordier by InVivo, leads the activities of two divisions:
Cordier Wines, which brings together all services related to development and marketing of wine domaines, châteaux and brands: oenology, R&D, marketing, sales and distribution.
Cordier Excel : division oversee the entire production process, from bottling to manufacturing.

Through Vinadeis, Cordier by InVivo has reinforced its production capacity with two state-of-the-art packaging and logistics sites, as well as an ultra-modern site dedicated to bulk wine. In combination with the company’s unique expertise, this set of tools makes it possible to produce both private labels as well as domaines and châteaux; organic wines and non-alcoholic drinks.

On the commercial side, a portfolio of strong and complementary brands such as Café de Paris, Mythique, Maris and Bonne Nouvelle will be promoted in all markets, from restaurants, hotels and bars to supermarkets and specialised distribution, both in France and internationally.

As for R&D, the pooling of skills and tools will make it possible to offer consumers wines adapted to their demands, as well as wine-based innovations following the example of the Café de Paris Wine Seltzers, scheduled to hit the shelves in April 2021.

« We are fortunate to be present throughout the wine industry, from production to consumption. This allows us to design great tasting and innovative products with a positive impact that promotes our ecosystem, to the benefit of producers and consumers » says Philippe Leveau, Deputy CEO of Cordier by InVivo.

About Cordier by InVivo

Created in June 2015, Cordier by InVivo is a subsidiary of the French national union of agricultural cooperatives, InVivo. Cordier by InVivo works to build strong international brands based on a 25,000-hectare wine base divided between Bordeaux, the South-West, Languedoc, Roussillon, the Rhone Valley and Beaujolais. It is a vertically integrated global player with 9 partner cooperative wineries (3,600 winegrowers), distribution companies in high-consumption countries (France, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, Asia, North America, South Africa) and its own bottling sites. As a producer, marketer and distributor, Cordier by InVivo’s mission is to cultivate a sustainable wine industry that inspires the generations of today and tomorrow.