Café de Paris is launching its Wine Seltzers

26 February 2021 | Brand News

Yet another innovation for the brand, which decided to offer an alternative to other beverages consumed during spontaneous aperitifs. Aiming to capture a sizeable share of the market represented by convenience stores and the hospitality industry, a new product is hitting the shelves: Wine Seltzers. 

On Thursday the 25th, Café de Paris has made a Webinar to announce widely the launching of its Wine Seltzersn using the voices of Philippe Leveau, CEO, & Bruno Kessler, the Chiefwineker. 

Find the webinar here: 

A fresh import from the United States, now making a splash in France

Wine Seltzers and Hard Seltzers are today enjoying robust sales in the United States, where in 2019 they represented 2.5% of the total alcoholic beverage market (source: IWSR). These low-alcohol, low-calorie drinks have quickly become a consumer favourite thanks to their refreshing character and ready-to-drink format. 

Wine Seltzers for the French market 

Café de Paris, already present on the spontaneous aperitif market with its range of sparkling wines, is expanding its offer with Wine Seltzers. 

“We are the first in France to offer Wine Seltzers, a product at home at our brand thanks to our heritage as a wine producer and which are more interesting than Hard Seltzers taste-wise” says Bruno Kessler, InVivo Wine’s chief winemaker who created the recipes. The result is an easy-to-drink beverage that offers a good balance between subtle aromas and crisp carbonation, available in three flavours: peach, elderflower and cherry.

These drinks are an alternative to the classic aperitif beverages and shake up old habits to create a refreshing sensation and extraordinary moments. 

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