Constance Boulart – Lifestyle Brand Manager

Apr 25, 2022

In this episode, Constance Boulart, Marketing Manager of the “Lifestyle” collection, reveals the challenges of the Café de Paris brand.

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Who are you?

I am Constance Boulart. I am a marketing manager and I am in charge of the brand strategy for Café de Paris.


What is the Lifestyle collection?

The “Lifestyle” collection consists of innovative drinks, with or without alcohol, which offer moments of relaxed consumption.


In a few words, can you describe Café de Paris?

Café de Paris is all about Parisian effervescence. For all tastes and at all times. It’s really the ambassador of the relaxed aperitif.

So the idea is really to offer consumers different consumption moments with different products. And obviously, the cocktail is at the centre of our strategy.

Café de Paris is the essential sparkling cocktail.

We have a whole range of cocktails available to establishments and consumers, to experiment with the product for all tastes and at all times.


Can you explain the concept of Foliz by Café de Paris?

Foliz is a hybrid drink between wine and beer. It is the essential drink of the stadiums.

It is a wine infused with hop flowers and flavoured and carbonated. It’s a very light drink, so we’re at 6.5% alcohol. It is a beer moment for wine lovers.

To be opened very cold!


Vinexpo in three words?

Convivial, sparkling and refreshing.


Constance Boulart, marketing manager of the Cordier Lifestyle collection.

Since August 2020, Constance Boulart has joined the Cordier team to revitalise the Café de Paris brand. She is also in charge of the development of the non-alcoholic brands: Artis, Bonne Nouvelle & Planet Cocktail.