Let’s have a new look at plastics.

First of all, what is PET?

PET is a type of plastic well known for its use in packaging: water bottles, soda bottles, oil bottles… And wine !

PET offers many advantages.

It is recyclable:

allows for a longer life cycle.

PET can be used in closed-loop, bottle-to-bottle recycling as rPET (recycled PET).

It does not alter the taste:

allows its use for food products.

PET and rPET are inert. None of its components migrate into the liquid it contains.

It is a perfectly healthy packaging that contains no bisphenol A (BPA) or phthalates. (Opinion March 2013 – ANSES)

It is light:

allows to generate less C02 emissions in transportation.

PET bottles are lighter than glass alternatives.

It is solid:

 prevents breakage and accidents.

PET is impact and drop resistant. Contrary to glass, it does not present any major risk in case of fall, no glass debris that can hurt the consumer.

It is
practical :

allows for simple service, without accessories

PET bottles have an easy opening that does not require a corkscrew and an integrated closure to prevent loss.

Their lightness and strength allow them to be taken anywhere for out-of-home consumption.