Bonne Nouvelle takes up the Dry January challenge for a January under the sign of alcohol-free wines

Dec 29, 2022


Bonne Nouvelle, the historic brand and leader in non-alcoholic wines, is actively participating in the 2023 edition of Dry January. The brand is launching a 360° campaign to support the growth of this new category of non-alcoholic wines, which is attracting more and more consumers. It’s the perfect time to introduce its brand new platform.
The Dry January challenge is simple: don’t drink alcohol for the entire month of January. A break that encourages consumers to take control of their consumption and to discover other innovative and tasty drinks, to share moments of conviviality. This movement, already well underway in the beer aisle, is spreading to the still and sparkling wine category, and is attracting younger and younger consumers who are looking for new drinking trends.
In this context, Bonne Nouvelle is launching its national campaign “Good Resolutions by Bonne Nouvelle” #BNBR23; through a major contest:
On the social networks Instagram and Facebook, a digital contest where participants will have to share their best resolutions for the year 2023 in comments
Throughout France, in-store events where participants will be invited to write down their resolutions and pose in front of a “Good News” photocall, then share their photos on social networks. A simple and authentic experience, pleasant and fun to discover the brand’s products.
There are many prizes to be won, such as tickets to an amusement park for the whole family, a subscription to a streaming platform, or a set of Bonne Nouvelle bottles.
This dynamic 360° campaign has a triple objective for Bonne Nouvelle: to develop its reputation by presenting its newly redesigned packaging, to create appeal to recruit a younger target group, and to promote a more modern and innovative vision of non-alcoholic wine consumption. This campaign is perfectly in line with the brand’s promise to bring us together in all our diversity. Convinced that one of the main sources of happiness in life is to be able to enjoy being together, Bonne Nouvelle offers products adapted to all, which eliminate the barriers and possible obstacles linked to our differences. The brand has chosen an inclusive signature to illustrate its vision: Bonne Nouvelle, initiator of happiness.
Bonne Nouvelle is part of the brand portfolio of Cordier, the wine subsidiary of the InVivo cooperative group. Bonne Nouvelle has been present in France for over 30 years and is the market leader in non-alcoholic wine. Bonne Nouvelle is characterized by “pleasure” drinks, full-bodied and fruity, to share with friends for a moment of conviviality, without alcohol and low in calories.
Non-alcoholic drinks are no longer consumed by default but by choice: the diversity of the offer allows to multiply the occasions of consumption, consumers sometimes drink alcohol, sometimes non-alcoholic. Young people are more open to innovation and have a more modern vision of wine, and alcohol-free is a real trend. A trend without alcohol motivated by the “healthy”.  Consumers are more concerned about their health and want a more natural consumption.
“It is our responsibility to offer an alcohol-free wine alternative for consumers who want or need to reduce their alcohol consumption. We put all our oenological know-how at their service to produce quality beverages to accompany them in moments of conviviality, without risk to their health,” says Bruno Kessler, Chief winemaker Cordier by InVivo.
In order to vary its offer and to remain innovative in the non-alcoholic wine market, Bonne Nouvelle is launching its new “Cépages” range this year.
While Bonne Nouvelle is Cordier’s leading non-alcoholic wine, the “NoLow” portfolio also includes the Artis brand, still and sparkling non-alcoholic wines for the on-trade, and Planet Cocktail, which offers ready-to-drink non-alcoholic cocktails made from juice. A wide and diversified offer to cover all consumption moments and recruit a wider target, which inspires and delights the generations of today and tomorrow.
About Bonne Nouvelle
Bonne Nouvelle – Initiator of Happiness
Bonne Nouvelle has been present in France for more than 30 years and is the number one brand of alcohol-free wines in France. Bonne Nouvelle offers several ranges of “pleasure” drinks, full-bodied and fruity, to be shared with friends or family for a moment of conviviality, without alcohol and low in calories: only 16 to 29 kcal per glass compared to 70 kcal in a classic glass of wine. Products rigorously selected by our oenologists according to precise specifications and thanks to a unique de-alcoholization process for an authentic pleasure by adapting to everyone’s tastes. Bonne Nouvelle, the brand that brings us together in all our diversity, without barriers, healthy brakes.
 About Cordier by InVivo
Cordier – Creative today, committed for tomorrow
Created in June 2015, Cordier by InVivo is a subsidiary of the French national union of agricultural cooperatives, InVivo. Cordier by InVivo works to build strong international brands drawing on a 28,000-hectare vineyard base spread across Bordeaux, the Southwest, Languedoc, Roussillon, Rhone Valley and Beaujolais. It is a vertically integrated global player with 9 partner cooperative wineries (3,800 winegrowers), distribution companies located in countries with high consumption (France, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, Asia, North America, South Africa) and its own bottling sites. As a producer, marketer and distributor, Cordier by InVivo’s raison d’être is to generate responsible value by creating beverages that inspire and delight the generations of today and tomorrow.
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