Rémi Lamérat: RW23 ambassador & future winemaker

Mar 9, 2022

Meet our ambassador for the #RWC23, Rémi Lamérat and future winemaker. In this episode, Rémi Lamérat, former French rugby player and InVivo ambassador, talks about Cordier and wine.

Who are you? 

Rémi Lamerat, international rugby player for the Union Bordeaux-Bègles Rugby and future winemaker.


What are your values?

The values that drive me are simplicity, mutual aid, sharing, conviviality and a lot of emphasis on family values too.


What do you like about Cordier?

What I like today at Cordier, in my meeting with Philippe and his teams, is precisely the team spirit. The conviviality, the sharing, the mutual aid. I spoke to you about it before, and to put all the skills together to achieve a common goal.


What is your favourite drink at Cordier?

I like many Cordier products. But I have a penchant for the work of Mr Robert Eden with the Maris cuvées, which for me are a reference in the world of wine today.


One wine in particular?

Les Amandiers! I haven’t tasted too many of them… but 2017 was pretty good.


Vinexpo in three words? 

Vinexpo in three words. Pleasure, meetings and beautiful wines!