Sophie Pinet: Mythique & the Terroir collection

Mar 9, 2022

Meet our terroir product manager, Sophie Pinet. Discover the Mythique brand. Meet our Mythic Owl. In this episode, Sophie Pinet, Brand Manager of the “Terroir” collection, tells us about the Mythique brand and the Owl.

Who are you? 

I am Sophie Pinet, product manager for the “Terroir” collection and I am in charge of the “Le Val” and “Mythique” brands. I’ve been in the group for more than eight years.


A word about the Terroir Collection? 

The “Terroir” collection highlights the French terroir including ranges with different appellations. It can be as much PDO, PGI and French wines from our region, with also the retranscription of the group’s values: excellence, innovation and collaboration. It is above all the region which is mythical, what the ” Mythique ” range is actually about, the unique and exceptional terroirs of Languedoc-Roussillon.


Can you introduce us to the Mythique ranges?

The brand is composed of several ranges.

“Mythique Languedoc” is really the essentials of the Languedoc. There are three products red, white and rosé in PDO Languedoc.

We have “La cuvée Mythique” which is the range and the emblematic vintage of the group. For the story, there is really a competition with our winemakers to select the best blinds with a blind tasting.

And last but not least, it’s the ” Mythique caractère “. It’s a new one from 2022. This range exists in PDO Corbières and Fitou. The objective of this range is to renew the PDOs of our region.


Why the owl as the emblem for Mythique?

The owl is the icon of the “Mythique” brand, simply because it is the sentinel of biodiversity who will protect our terroir, that will protect the vines and the grapes and its presence in the vineyards is a sign of a good ecosystem, simply.

So ” Mythique “, it’s the range that is the voice of biodiversity, also from the Languedoc.


What are the commitments of the Mythique brand?

We have set up an approach “Terra 360”, a CSR approach to which we are committed simply to sustainable, responsible viticulture and exemplary.


Vinexpo in three words? 

Vinexpo in three words, I would say innovation, business and meetings.