Philippe Leveau: Cordier and the corporate vision

Mar 9, 2022

Meet Philippe Leveau, Cordier’s top salesman, at Vinexpo 2022. Learn more about our relationship with our partner wineries and discover the symbol of our ambition. In this episode of our video series “Cordier team on air!”, Philippe Leveau, CEO, explains the new organisation of Cordier and the vision of the group.

Who are you? 

Hello, my name is Philippe Leveau and I am the first salesman of the Cordier team.


A word about the partner wineries? 

You know that Cordier is in fact an emanation. It is the armed arm of wine cellars that come from Bordeaux through the Languedoc. All the way to the Côtes du Rhône and Beaujolais, and therefore its cellars. It brings us the raw materials, the liquids. We’re going to work on the vinification, but it was important for us to be there for her, for all the work that is done upstream.


A word about “Terra 360”?

It’s a great programme for us. The main thing is obviously all the human teams, the winemakers in the whole value chain. We all work for quality finished products. This is achieved through the quality of the raw materials. So the grapes, the mythical bottle and this brand, which has been promoting the Languedoc in particular for about thirty years on the IGP and AOP.


A word about “The Owl” ?

In fact, putting the owl back in the foreground means highlighting the sentinel of biodiversity and soil quality, since it is through these new wine-growing practices that we will judge the soil, which in turn creates sanctuaries, a redeployment of the animal world, and the owl is the sentinel of all this.


A word about “The Collections” at Cordier? 

We have four collections:


Cordier’s signature? 

Committed today, creative for tomorrow. It is essential to have real convictions for what we are doing today. Creative for tomorrow, it’s with a deep commitment that we have today: we have a chance to be there tomorrow and to be able to influence consumption patterns. Influencing diversity and influencing the development of winegrowers and helping everyone to flourish. In particular our employees who are committed today and therefore creative for tomorrow. That’s Cordier!


Vinexpo in three words? 

Professionalism of our teams and visitors. Conviviality, because we are happy to meet up with hope, as this is our first major event. We hope that others will follow. The hope, too, of finding a simpler world and collaboration at the time of these professional events.